An Autonomous R&D Centre for
Environmental Education,
Research and Sustainable
Natural Resource Management


ERRC provides specialized services that give resource managers comprehensive, up-to-date support for their own research and management programmes. The Centre extends its services in:

  • Carrying out scientific analyses eg., soil characteristics, air and water quality, toxicology, flora and fauna diversity, species richness and composition etc.
  • Producing resource maps for a variety of applications.
  • Managing the region’s most significant collections of flora, and a wide range of resource databases relating to soil, land resources, vegetation and other life forms.
  • Designing environmentally compatible ‘green belts’ for industrial estates power-plant premises, urban avenues, etc. suited to the engineering needs (e.g. mitigation of atmospheric pollution) of a given locality.
  • Conducting environmental impact assessment (EIA) studies for industrial, power generation, infrastructure and other development projects.
  • Preparing environment management plans for conserving land, water, vegetation and faunal resources and heritage sites of a given locality/region.