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Book titled TREES: the sacred, the cultural and the beneficial by V.R. Krishnan Nair released

Posted on: November 15th, 2016 by admin
Book release function

Release of the book, 'Trees: the sacred, the cultural and the beneficial' by Adv. K. Raju, Hon'ble Minister of Forests, Govt. of Kerala

The book, TREES: The sacred, the cultural and the beneficial, authored by V.R. Krishnan Nair, formerly of the Indian Forest Service, and a senior Member of the Governing Body of ERRC was released by Adv. K. Raju, Minster of Forests, Govt. of Kerala in a function held at the Press Club, Thiruvananthapuram on Wednesday 09 November 2016 at 3.30 pm. Dr. G. Madhavan Nair, former Chairman, ISRO, and President, ERRC chaired the function. Dr. S.C. Joshi, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Govt. of Kerala received the first copy of the book from the minister. Prof. G. Achuthan Nair, Director, ERRC welcomed the gathering constituted by academicians, scientists, forest department officials, Lion’s Club members and representatives of NGOs, among others. Dr. P.K. Shaji, Principal Scientist and Deputy Director, ERRC introduced the book and the author and Dr. K. Sudheer proposed vote of thanks.

TREES: The sacred, the cultural and the beneficial, promoted by ERRC is an exceptional compilation of information on trees, covering botanical, spiritual, cultural and economic aspects, brought out in ten chapters. Chapter I (Arboreal splendour) contains a detailed narrative on the evolution of the human perspective on trees from pre-historic times. Chapter II is an elaborate narrative on the multifarious uses of trees as timber, pulp, firewood, spices, drugs, charcoal, etc. Chapter III contains an exhaustive account of some common exotic trees (trees introduced from different habitats). Chapter IV (Trees that whisper a hundred tales) carries an engrossing string of stories connected with age-old customs and practices, beliefs, superstitions, historical events, etc., all centred on trees. Chapter V discusses at length the greenhouse effect and global warming and measures to mitigate its adverse impacts. Chapter VI is a compendium of very useful hints to garden-lovers for garden setting and landscaping. Chapter VII contains a lot of valuable information on a variety of subjects such as ‘Ice-age flower blossoms again’, ‘plants talk’, and ‘effect of music on trees’. Chapter VIII contains an inclusive account of social forestry and agroforestry. Chapter IX carries a brief sketch of Forest ecosystems of Kerala while Chapter X provides an identification key to 60 selected trees.

Shri. C.P. Nair, IAS (Retd.), Former Chief Secretary, Government of Kerala writes in his Foreword to the book: “Every page (of the book) is replete with information that not only adds vastly to our fund of knowledge, but often provides entertaining glimpses into the vast and varied world of flora, which the author describes with an almost Wordsworthian passion. Sri Nair wields a very facile pen, and not the least of the attractions of the book is his simple, limpid, graceful style, free from jargon. I heartily congratulate him on his excellent oeuvre which should be an invaluable book of reference, a very useful guide and handbook, encyclopaedic in range, not only to the specialist in agroforestry but also to the intelligent common reader. It should find a place in every home library”.

For copies, contact:  Price: Rs. 2oo/-

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