An Autonomous R&D Centre for
Environmental Education,
Research and Sustainable
Natural Resource Management

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The Environmental Resources Research Centre (ERRC) has been established in August 1991 as an autonomous
R&D centre for sustainable natural resource management and education. Since its inception, the ERRC has
emerged as a centre of excellence in research, higher education and public interest services, as testified by the
recognition and support accorded by the national and international organizations, like the DST, MoEF, CSIR, ICAR,
Ministry of Defence (Govt. of India), UNDP, ADB, and the World Bank. In addition, an array of public and private
organizations has commissioned the centre for environmental impact assessment (EIA) and environment
management studies. The credibility and excellence of the centre is further enhanced by its affiliation to the
Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala, for Doctoral research leading to Ph.D. degree in Environmental